How to reset electrolux dishwasher

How to reset electrolux dishwasher

It is quite easy to reset all settings in the dishwasher. To do this, follow the next steps:

  1. Turn off the dishwasher from the power supply network for at least 1 minute, or even for 2-3 minutes. In the technology, capacitors are used, which have a property to keep the charge of electricity for some time. After a couple of minutes, the energy dissipates.
  2. Then turn on the appliance, and select the dishwashing program you need.

Usually, after such manipulations, all machine settings are reset, but there are models where the reset can be performed a little differently. In this case, you need to press the start button or the wash program selection button for 5-10 seconds depending on the model.

7 thoughts on “How to reset electrolux dishwasher

  1. My dishwasher was just installed and we cant it to work. We unplugged it for 5 minutes and still nothing. It show LOC on the panel and we cannot get that off.

    1. Child Lock Controls/Air Dry
      “To prevent children from accidently changing the
      dishwasher cycle or starting the dishwasher, lock
      the dishwasher controls by pressing the AIR DRY
      pad until “Loc” shows in the status window. The
      controls are locked and no new selections can
      be made until the lock is released. To unlock
      the controls, press the AIR DRY pad until “Loc”
      disappears. If child lock is activated the dishwasher
      will not work”

      This is from the manual at

      So press and hold the “air dry” button

  2. My dishwasher just run for some time and go into dry mode, and then it stoped, but I checked inside machine there are a lot of water. I want to change mode or turn power off, it doesn’t work. I can’t change anything even I switch off my power supply and
    Switch on again, everything is same. Could you please let me know how should I do ? By the way I just bought it several months. Thanks

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